"The record is great. It's well-played and his intonation is remarkable. Sounds delightful."

(Matthias Voigt, Luthier, Germany)

Guitar Solo     

Benjamin Doppscher Solo     

These solo-guitar pieces were recorded during the last two years in Berlin. They are examples of original songs and jazz-arrangements which I have performed on the classical guitar.
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     Someday My Pince Will Come

      Fallende Blätter 

      My Romance

Due Musici

O Mistress Mine

With the release of "Oh Mistress Mine - Lovesongs of the Renaissance" Juliane Kunzendorf and Benjamin Doppscher present their renaissance programm with the music of John Dowland they have been touring around germany for the last three years. [read more]

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     Can she excuse my wrongs?

     Flow my tears

     Mrs Winters Jump



yokopop aus Berlin

YOKO won the "German Rock und Pop-Award" and was broadcasted on german radiostations. I was co-founder and guitarist of the band until 2009.


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Ricarda Ulm & Benjamin Doppscher

A Closer Look

On their quest for transparency and intensity the two musicians had "A Closer Look" on a couple of songs. In collaboration with the sound engineer Aki Matusch they created this record in 2010 in Berlin.
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     The Night Has A Thousand Eyes


     Angel Eyes





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