"The record is great. It's well-played and his intonation is remarkable. Sounds delightful."

(Matthias Voigt, Luthier, Germany)

Guitar Solo     

Benjamin Doppscher Solo     

These solo-guitar pieces were recorded during the last two years in Berlin. They are examples of original songs and jazz-arrangements which I have performed on the classical guitar.
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     Someday My Pince Will Come

      Fallende Blätter 

      My Romance

     Mrs. Vauxs Galiard

Becker I Doppscher

KINTSUGI (2018 - Hej!acoustics)

Freely levitating, melancholic clarinet melodies accompanied by dancing, sparkling guitar acrobatics: Becker | Doppscher create contemporary chamber music. Dialogically interwoven, "mercilessly honest - beautifully human." (Berliner Abendblatt).


     Adon Olam


Photosynaptical Jazz (2020)

Free, flowing, groovy and a thick layer of keyboard sounds - the quintet TUJAH creates music, that will catch you. [more]

Seven Dreams (coming!)

Ocean (coming soon!)

Shape Of Love (coming soon!)


yokopop aus Berlin

YOKO won the "German Rock und Pop-Award" and was broadcasted on german radiostations. I was co-founder and guitarist of the band until 2009.




Ricarda Ulm & Benjamin Doppscher

A Closer Look (2010)


On their quest for transparency and intensity the two musicians had "A Closer Look" on a couple of songs. In collaboration with the sound engineer Aki Matusch they created this record in 2010 in Berlin.


     The Night Has A Thousand Eyes


     Time Is A Healer

     Like A Virgin

Due Musici

O Mistress Mine

With the release of "Oh Mistress Mine - Lovesongs of the Renaissance" Juliane Kunzendorf and Benjamin Doppscher present their renaissance programm with the music of John Dowland they have been touring around germany for the last three years.


     Can she excuse my wrongs?

     Flow my tears

     Mrs Winters Jump    








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