Positional Playing On The Guitar

(Friedrich Hofmeister Musikverlag, Leipzig 2020)

Many guitarists are familiar with it: on the first three frets of the guitar, just about everything is easy to sight read. But what about when a higher position is necessary, or when the notes are suddenly about the staff? This is where LAGE-EGAL steps in with pieces composed specifically to provide a feeling of comfort for the strengths and weaknesses of each individual range on the guitar. Little by little, the entire fingerboard becomes readable. Using a systematic layout of the key of C Major, LAGE-EGAL shows how one can efficiently navigate the guitar.

The character pieces with titles like »Simba«, »To Be a Bird«, or »Hummingbird's Dream« invite the user on a journey of sounds. Follow your fingers in a free, effortless movement over the entire fingerboard.

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