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In collaboration with the Music Academy "Sächsische Schweiz" and the music society "Sandstein & Music" as well as the generous support of the energy company ENSO, alredy the second edition of the Music Theorie Workbook "Musiklehre vol. 1 - 3" could be released in April 2020. 

If you are interested write me an E-Mail.
Please Note: Currently the books are only available in german language.



The first volume starts at the very beginning: what is a note? What does sharp and flat mean and how to read rhythm.

​Step by step explanations and exercises will give you an understanding of the structure of the staff-system.

The meaning of intervalls, scales and the conection with chords will be explained.





The second volume gets deeper into rhymical figueres and structures e.g. syncopes.

The next chapters focus on traditional voice leading in Major and Minor tonalities.

The book closes with a short introduction of the figuered bass.






The third volume starts again with voice leading, extended by dominant 7th chords.

The Church modes will be introduced and their meaning historicaly and in modern times will be discussed.

In the end the reader gets to know more about formal aspects of the music for example types of composing and melody structure.


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