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"Music expresses what can´t be expressed and what is im-
possible to conceal."

Victor Hugo



As a sideman Doppscher works for different singers, entertainers and pop bands e.g. for the Swiss musical singer Patric Scott or the vocal trio "Seven Seasons".

Patric Scott (MDV Music)
Linda Hesse (Sony Music)
Maria Goeres (Hey Blau Records)
Janko Danailow (MDV Music)
Aron Eloy (Palazzo Artist, Wien)
Clelia Sarto (Schauspielerin, Agentur Heppler)
Yoko (Rock- und Pop-Preis 2009)
Staatsoperette Dresden (Galaprogramm 2016/2017)
Nico Müller ("Adoro", Universal Music)

Soundclip: accompaning and soloing in pop/rock bands

     Demo Track (Medley, 3.00 min)


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