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Guitar Solo

"The arrangements are elegant and have been worked out precisely. Well played!"

(Thomas Brendgens-Mönkemeyer,
guitar tutor, Hannover)

Guitar Solo

"Guitar Solo" is an concentrated exploration of the guitar and its possibilities. Drawing primarily upon the technique of "Fingerstyle Jazzguitar," as well as influences from the classical-guitar tradition, this solo program was created with the aim of combining different musical styles and techniques. Performed entirely on a nylon-string guitar, all the arrangements are oriented to the character of the instrument and its particular acoustic sound.

The performance consists of new interpretations of jazz standards, including sections with some free improvisation, as well as some original songs. Altogether this makes for a varied and colourful evening program.

In recent years, "Guitar Solo" has received lots of attention from diverse audiences in Germany. Due to the music's hybrid character, this program is not only suitable for a concert in a club or a bar, but also fits perfectly as background music for various kinds of events, such as gala dinners in hotels, art exhibitions, and weddings. 

In comparison to the "bar pianist," the advantage of this type of performance is that the guitar player neither requires very much space, nor the provision of a piano!



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