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during the publication of my guitar method LAGE-EGAL , a youtube channel was created that deals with the topics of scales and positional playing on the guitar.There are always new videos on different topics added.

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# Intro

How do I orientate myself on the guitar? Presentation of the
LAGE-EGAL concept


How do I find notes on the fingerboard? The C major
scale in the first position.


The C major scale in the second position and: how to change positions.


In conversation with Ulrich Hoffmeier about current releases and playing the guitar in general.


The C major scale in the fifth position, use of open strings and song examples.


C major in the 7th position, sequence exercises (sixths and broekn chords).
Also a solo piece from LAGE-EGAL,

played on the  electric guitar.


C major scale in the tenth position.
Last instructional video on the
LAGE-EGAL method.

"The creation of these works was made possible by the Cultural Foundation of Saxony"



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