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Akustische Gitarre

in my studio

or as a home visit
(2G regulation)

Online Gitarrenunterricht

possible languages:


🇩🇪  🇸🇪

Brille und Notenblatt

presence or online
an original  workbook.
Also as school tutoring, group lessons or seminars

I have been teaching in public music schools and privately in my own studio for many years. Since 2018 I have been publishing a three-volume workbook for music theory, the basis for a training course up to university entrance qualification.

Akustische Gitarre

Face-To-Face Classes

  • individually:
    I'll pick you up where you are musically and we'll clarify where you want to go .
    it do not matter if you want to improve your skills as a
    campfire-guitar-player or you're preparing for the entrance examination at a college.

  • effectively
    you benefit from my broad experience as a practicing and teaching musician .
    I can show you how you can effectively develop yourself on both the classical guitar and the electric guitar. my motto is: learn how to teach yourself!


  • flexible:
    the lessons with me leave a lot of space for your personal adjustment, also in an organizational sense. you can decide whether you want to study every week or only once a month. should your lessons take place face-to-face or online? Would you like to have a contract or would you rather pay for each hour individually? Here too, is a lot of room for creativity, based on mutual trust and mutual understanding.



I offer very different and flexible tuition fees, depending on what suits you best. you like contracts with fixed terms? you like 10 cards? No problem! together we will find the best way to finance your lessons.

Online Lessons

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2019 we realized:
our working and living environment can become more digital in certain areas of life without the quality of performance suffering as a result. On the contrary: we have noticed that it is also a benefit to be able to learn and work independently of location.

In hundreds of online guitar lessons I noticed: it works!
Some students even surprised me positively in their development.

The only requirement is a stable internet connection and your lessons can begin!

Why should I choose online lessons?

  • full-time employed

  • many long distances every day

  • childcare

  • very different weekly routines

  • you are living in the country side with poor transport connections

  • you don't live in the same city as me

  • due to the pandemic you are currently still anxious about contacts

Laptop und Notizbuch

It is never too late and rarely too early to learn an instrument. Doesn't matter if you're a beginner. I offer you a first lesson free , so that you can find out whether my lessons are right for you.


Theory Lessons

Since 2018 I have been teaching music theory at a municipal music school in addition to my main instrument, the guitar. in a three-year training course, I prepare the children for the entrance examination at the music academy.

With the development of our own teaching material, which is already being supported in the second edition by the "Sandstein und Musik e.V.", the theoretical aspect of music training is once again given the importance it deserves.

When can theory lessons be a good  thing for me?

  • you want to take the entrance exam at a music college

  • you have difficulties to implement musical contexts (rhythmic/melodic) on your instruments

  • You want to learn how to read music better

  • you want to compose and arrange

  • you need tutoring for school

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