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music theory (vol. 1 - 3)

In cooperation with the "Musikschule Sächsische Schweiz e.V." and "Sandstein & Musik" as well as the generous support of the ENSO, already the second edition of the music theory workbook "Musiklehre
(vol. 1 - 3) "
was published in April 2020.

Vol.      1

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The first volume starts at the very beginning: what is a note? What is a sharp/flat? How does metrum works?

The explanations and exercises gradually provide an understanding of the basic functioning of the staves.

Further content is the determination of intervals, how the major and minor scales work, and the circle of fifths.

In the final chapter, the chords, inherent in the scale are presented and the first signs of the connection between scales and chords become clear.

All three volumes contain many exercises and explanations and
are also suitable for self-study.

Vol.      2

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The second volume deals in more detail with rhythm and the most common time signatures.

In addition, intervals beyond the octave space are now also determined.

In the further course it is mainly about chord inversions and voice leading in the basic cadence in major and minor.

The three modes in minor are explained and finally a brief introduction to the basso continuo.

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The first two chapters of the third volume deal again with the basic cadence, but now with the addition of the dominant seventh chord.

The rest of the book mainly introduces the church modes and their importance in modern harmony theory.


The second half is dedicated to the formal aspects of musical analysis and gets deeper into  some aspects of different styles of music.

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